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Wi-Fi is offered in almost all public areas, but in many places, the connection between the device and the Wi-Fi network is not secure at all. With Publicroam, these problems are a thing of the past. People create an account once and automatically go online everywhere with the most secure solution (WPA2 enterprise). In doing so, they roam from Publicroam network to Publicroam network. Over the span of six months, Kickoff Lab analyzed the entire service by drawing up a service blueprint, identifying and exploring both the experiences of users and organizations that offer Publicroam. A new customer journey has been designed based on this, in which a new website and app have been designed and introduced. In addition, all communication materials that inform users have been updated and merged into one kit.


How can we get onboard users and get them online with publicroam in less than one minute?

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The collaboration with Kickoff Lab went very well. Kickoff lab quickly made a good, clear analysis of our questions, the design and styling of our app, and the renewal of our website. Together we came up with a number of good solutions that were subsequently realized. This has definitely contributed to our growth in recent years.
Ted Dinklo - Co-founder publicroam

Mapping the user journey

During the project, we analyzed different journeys of different user groups. By analyzing and mapping these user journeys, we could visually identify opportunities in the process. The effect of solutions could also be easily visualized. Next to the journey itself, we also mapped the interactions with publicroam, as well as back-end actions.

Growth of publicroam

After the successful completion of the project, publicroam grew in size from around 250 to more than 700. Co-founder Paul Francissen, in an interview for SIDN said: "SIDN fund paired us with the design agency Kickoff Lab. Together with this agency, we developed a simplified registration process and an accessible app, which makes registration faster and easier. This way, we lower the threshold for using publicroam. Thanks to the app, users can complete registration and use the Wi-Fi connection within one minute. In addition to improving the registration process, Kickoff Lab contributed to the development of our website and mobile app, among other things. Thanks to the valuable collaboration, the improvements went smoothly and well."

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