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Polarization in society is an increasing problem. Fortunately, the Amsterdam startup Civinc has devised a solution for this. In their online chat application, users with different opinions are linked together to discuss various statements. Using this application in education and business, Civinc hopes to unite people and counteract polarization. Over several months, Kickoff Lab helped Civinc tailor their solution to the target audience. We have structured their customer journey by setting up various pilots and converting the collected qualitative data into improvements for the entire system. With these insights, Kickoff Lab has refreshed Civincs’ brand DNA and completely redesigned the UI & UX of the platform with new functionalities that match the target group. This way, Civinc can continue to grow in the years to come.


How can we make the Civinc platform more intuitive and understandable?

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Everything about working with Kickoff Lab was excellent, from the process to the end result. The process was well thought out, with valuable interventions/iterations to get to the surface of where our exact needs lay and how Kickoff Lab could meet them. The interaction throughout was very pleasant and open, with room for discussion and deepening. And most importantly, Kickoff Lab delivered a very clean design that we can use for years to come.
Ruben Treurniet – Co-founder Civinc

Mapping pain points

We started by mapping the problem space and defining the problems that Civinc encountered. After analyzing the problem, Kickoff Lab started mapping the flow of the application through sessions with students and in-depth interviews with teachers. We found different pain points in the current process that needed addressing.

Design system

To ensure Civinc could continue the course we set with the design, Kickoff Lab made an elaborate design system with different kinds of visual elements. This way, Civinc has a future-proof kit to help grow its platform.

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